Book one:

City of Skies: Nora Hunt the female protagonist lives in the Triangle, in the East. She wants above all to find her father, who was a raider. She is recruited in the West to become raider, and joins the academy for training. She has rare abilities and is stronger than her peers. (She doesn’t know she was chosen by the gods to set the nine worlds free. She carries a tattoo of Yggdrasil on her back). There she meets Frederick Dhal, her rival from a competing raider dynasty Rognvald. Nora joins Jarl. They fall in love, but they can’t be together. She is unware that she descents from an old Viking bloodline. She meets her real mother in the West and continues to look for her father who has been missing in the Forbidden Areas for over a decade. Frederick has information that helps Nora to look for her father, and she needs his help.

Book two:

City of Vikings: Nora learns she descents from the Viking Assassin clan, and must take on her duty to protect her people from the enemy, by orders from Magnus, the leader of the Jarl dynasty. She’s under severe threat from her enemy. Yggdrasil protects Nora, and gives her visions. She is alive and moves across her back. Upon turning seventeen, Nora will be given the runes to unlock the gate to the nine worlds. She is tasked to find her father in City of Vikings and get the powerful weapons that will protect the Triangle from the evil lord Nourusa. She is given the sword, which her mother stole, and has to get the axe, spear and hammer. Nora travels with Frederick, and Mina, who help her get there. She meets her father and discovers she has a stepsister.

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